Details of the Detail

On The Outside

  • Scratch Free hand wash with a microfiber mitt
  • Complete bug, sap, and tar removal
  • Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells cleaned of all dirt and brake dust
  • Tires are completely dressed to restore brilliant shine
  • Hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots
  • Exterior mirrors and windows are cleaned and streak-free
  • Door and trunk jambs are cleaned of dirt and grime
  • Rubber seals are cleaned and protected
  • Clay bar used to eliminate surface contaminates
  • Paint Brightening that removes light oxidation and restores shine
  • Wax applied for protection

On The Inside

  • Complete interior vacuum of floors, seats, trunk, and all cracks and crevices.
  • Shampooing of carpet, seats, and floor mats
  • Headliner cleaned of spots, splashes, and stains
  • All interior plastic & vinyl cleaned and dressed
  • Leather seats cleaned and dressed
  • All interior windows cleaned and streak-free
  • Interior air freshener added (upon request)


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Take Protection to a Whole New Level

Take Protection to a Whole New Level

There has been a revolution in the detailing industry. Permanent and semi-permanent coatings has changed the way people protect their vehicle. These products form a strong and durable layer of protection on many of your vehicles exterior surfaces. The depth, gloss, and protection that can be achieved with these products are truly astounding.


Exterior Add Ons

  • Compounding / Buffing
  • Hard Water / Stain Removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Engine Degreasing / Dressing
  • Decal / Wrap Removal
  • Over Spray / Graffiti Removal


Interior Add Ons

  • Severe Odor Removal
  • Bodily Fluid Clean Up (Vomit/Urine/Feces/Blood)
  • Mold and Mildew Remediation