We are your one stop source for all your mobile auto detailing needs. Don't have time to waste at a car wash? Don't have the supplies to do it yourself? Let a Certified Specialist come to you and make your car look like new! Our Specialists use only the highest quality car care products and guarantee that you will Get a Showroom Shine every time. We have been serving Texas for years, and treat every customer as if we were Detailing our own vehicle. Call Dunn Rite Mobile Wash & Detail Now for a personalized quote!

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Every vehicle touched by  Dunn Rite Mobile Wash & Detail is treated as a valued piece of art. But, unlike artwork, vehicles are constantly exposed to uninvited abuse including the sun, dirt, and wear from daily interaction. We strive to lessen the wear on a vehicle and uphold its integrity. So should you. We provide mobile car detail and car wash services to your home or office.



With an exterior only wash, you’re on your own regarding those dirty floorboards and the loose french fry you dropped earlier in the week. The detailer will clean your paint, windows, tires and rims and the outside of your car will look showroom ready; but inside your car will be exactly the way you left it. If you’re a meticulous person this is a great option, because you don’t need to find time to hand off the keys and the service is cheaper.



If however, your car interior can get out of hand without special attention then you might want to consider a full detail. Your mobile detailing professional will meet you at a predetermined time to hand off the keys, and then get to work. Expect your interior services including cupholders and air vents to get a wipe down. Additionally, the floorboards and seats will get a vacuum so there is no debris or dirt floating around. If your car has leather, you’ll also get a special conditioner applied to prevent UV damage. This service costs more but completes the feeling of having the car completely clean and ready.

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From cars to jet skis to air planes, we have you covered. We are trained, certified, and insured to detail many different types of vehicles. This is important because not all detailing is the same. Each vehicle type has different surfaces and are made from varying materials. The difference between a beautifully clean vehicle and thousands of dollars in damage could be as little as knowing what products to use, or not use.

Our technicians have traveled the country to be trained by leaders in the detailing industry. Because of this training, we are confident any technician we send will be qualified to handle the job. But it is not just about training, but also experience. Due to the fact that we are a large mobile detailing services in the area, we are fortunate enough to be the ones called whenever a difficult task arises. Our technicians gain valuable experience in tough situations. This experience ensures that our detailing technicians will be ready to handle any problem or issue that arises. You can be confident that when we are on the job, it will be handled safely and properly.